Conjuration C-19

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An art piece from the Red times serie ...



Statut :Reserved  28 of may 2020

Conjuration_c19 C_c19_d1



"Pyro-painting" on recycled carpet and natural raw pigments
(Charcoal, Kaolin and soil). Varnished set.
- Size not framed : 87 x 233 x 0.8 cm
- Size framed : 102 x 237 x 3 cm




About this artwork

Considering the situation the world is facing today, I needed to create something special to try to ward off the fate that plagues us all ...

Influenced since my childhood by the African culture (of the Congo Basin) which has the habit of using witchcraft to cure many ailments, I proceeded through this work to a ritual attempting to free humanity from Covid-19 and allow everyone to regain freedom.

If this worldwide virus is at the heart of all concerns today, I also wanted to send other messages, whether it is our relationship to money, science, culture or myth.

Unleashing my inspiration, I also wanted to show around this sometimes misinterpreted Africa and play on "clich├ęs" as much as on "truths". Ultimately, invite the specator to travel through a new universe.

This sacrificial scene in the heart of a sacred hut presents a few "known" elements linked to Covid-19: the bat, the pangolin, protective masks and a form of social distance between young and old. Strangely, one of them wears a mask over his head, the other with concern covers his mouth with a banknote. In the background, less noticeable, are several other scenes, the well-known crab wizard of Rhumsiki, the "dead-sick", the slaughterhouse and finally the laboratory. A large scale leads to an empty and mysterious space symbolizing the future. The whole under the surprised eye of a Fang mask.

Through this work I tried to bring together different universes, to contain the contradictions, to restore the precarious balance of the World, to envisage tomorrow with another look and may be change ...










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