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I'm 43 years old, born and growN in Cameroon, central-Africa.



Who I am & what I do ?

Of Greek father, French mother (Bretagne) and born in Cameroon, I spent most of my life in Africa. Influenced by these different universes but without really fit in my place, I always felt the need to transcend those worlds ...

Attracted by artistic expression since my adolescence, I decided, after I graduate from School, to start studying this field. So, I went back to France at the Académie Charpentier where I obtained a master on visual communication in 2000. During this period, I regularly attended the famous “Atelier de la Grande Chaumière” as well as the free workshops of the Beaux-arts where I acquired notions of academic drawing. I also had the chance to fully immerse myself in the artistic world and to share the Worlds, the sensitivity, the techniques of many artists.

Always pursuant dreams and freedom, surrounded by injustices, I try, through my eyes, to create universes in which I find myself. But how could I properly express myself without having found the right tone?

Currently director of a creative agency and design office manager of a design company in Cameroon for almost 20 years; I had partially put my personal expression on hold, focusing more on exploring materials and processes allowing me to discover new horizons that can most accurately reflect my "feeling".

Inspired by recycling and materials, I oriented my researches towards “unconventional” medias as well as the making of my tools and pigments based on all the materials available to me (earth, stones, coal, metals, wood, plastic…). The surprising results that these experiments brought, allowed me to find dialectics which correspond to me and which I develop today through new creations which I wish to share.

With the will to always perfect this "language", I am having fun like a child, trying new recipes, generally wild and torn, trying to leave a large part of luck and natural.

My technique is multiple, always looking for energy, depth and light. I try to engrave a vibrant and raw writing, made of mastery and spontaneity, carrying random beauties revealing a mysterious world.
In general, my work mixes several fields: photography, digital art, engraving, sculpture, painting, collage ... with a preference for fire and the magic it gives off. Also, I particularly appreciate the use of pyrographic type processes.

Figurative expressionist in my works and generally abstract in my tests, the themes I approach are not frozen, from series of portraits to more complex compositions, I always try to translate my feelings as well as possible.

Mainly inspired by African art, primary arts and the mysticism which surrounds them, I seek to revisit the aesthetic with the authentic, to create vibrant and lively works, which will arouse questioning, reaction and perhaps also emotion.


What about my art style ?

Well, I don't think I do have one art style, I believe to have many ones, depending on what my soul show me to do, how I feel ...


Why Brikazo instead of Brikaso or just Brikas Olivier ?

I used to be called brikaso; as long as I remember I always had a nickname; I'm still using that name for everything else I do. But since I leaved in South Africa for 5 Years, people there pronounced it with sound "s" instead of "z" sound.

As I decided to start sharing my life as an artist, I wanted to make it something different and take this chance to rectify this name pronunciation :P


Why did I made this website in english ?

For sure my English is not perfect and quite "Frenchie", but as I wrote before I'd like to make something different and the objective of this website is to touch as many people as possible with my art. And that's require English today...

Furthermore, it’s a good way for me to keep practicing this language.


Anything else you’d like to know?

Fell free to contact me for any further information or enquiries.








 Thanks for visiting.


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