Welcome to my Art lab

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Hi ! My name is Olivier Brikas aka Brikaso, Brika[zo].

I love to experiment unusual techniques and strange stuff ...

Through this website, i'm opening to you my little workshop and curiosity place.

I'll try to make it for you a spot to escape or get inspriration.

Hope you will enjoy.

* This website is still under construction




These are my favorite tools and colors



I like to burn, scratch and use basic pigments .

Regarding the canvas, well ... I almost use what ever I find but I have a crush for recycled carpets.
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I try to make out of it unique and exceptionnal art pieces to share with you ...



conjuration c19 link

  "Conjuration C-19" - May 2020 - Rought pigments on recycled melted carpet.  
    If you want to know more you can look my gallery or check the about me section.  





You can enjoy below some of my latest artwork.









 Thanks for visiting.


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